Research and Design

15 years of experience


In 15 years of experience we have implemented thousands of kitchens and thousands of ready-to-eat food production lines. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t, so we’re able to design from large to very small spaces. We use this experience to the benefit of our customers and design their kitchen floor plan or production line for free. The floor plan, in addition to the spatial layout, includes: inox constructions, machinery equipment, electrical and hydraulic guidance.

Our Philosophy

There is a very extensive literature on what should be in a food production area and in fact with a clear distinction between large mass production (caterings) and retail (restaurants, snack bars, fast food, etc.).

A successful catering can be anywhere, a successful restaurant doesn’t only depend on the product and service produced, but also on the location.

So let’s assume that a business has found a place in an ideal location, but without having the ideal spaces. In such cases, experience and ingenuity are needed to design and equip intelligently the production lines so that the products come out quickly and correctly.

The steps to design a production site are:

  1. We define the production space inside the restaurant.
  2. We define the escape point (fold) of the products, so that the service is performed in a better way.
  3. Then we design separately the posts where the products will be produced, provided that there is an imaginary line between post and escape point (fold). In addition, we believe that each post is a job that works independently and no other job is involved in its field.
  4. We find out which products are neighboring in terms of production. That is, which products need as much common equipment as possible. So we define which posts will be next to each other.
  5. We design the constructions in the real dimensions of the space, with the aim of utilizing every square centimeter.
  6. We choose the appropriate equipment, based on dimensions and desired productivity.
  7. We present the study to our customers.
  8. Immediately after approval from our customer, we create an electrical and hydraulic installation guide.
  9. We are starting the implementation.

The whole study is captured in a CAD design program with accurate dimensions and is provided FREE of charge to our customers.